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Accounting & Reporting

Real-time information and statistics to manage your mail center

Businesses face a multitude of regulatory issues and customer demands to guarantee the integrity of sensitive business communications. AIMS provides two solutions in one: real-time information and statistics to manage your mail center and verification capability confirming that every piece of mail in your job has been accurately processed, providing complete closed-loop, piece-level integrity. AIMS provides the verification and assurance that compliance requirements have been met and peace of mind that important business communications are secure.

Key Features

  • AIMS licensing is based upon the number of inserters connected. 

  • The Dynamic Dashboard enables visibility and management of the throughput of the mail center on a real-time basis. 

    • Monitor day-to-day folder inserter output or historical summary data

    • Examine operator activity including mail piece output, uptime, downtime and errors

    • Review job timing and completion status

  • Statistical reports capture all Dashboard data for detailed analysis. 

  • AIMS-100 (Audit Trail) allows you to generate job files on the fly as the inserter is running, giving you complete traceability of each document processed. 

  • AIMS-500 (Closed Loop Verification) offers a complete, integrated closed loop solution when combined with Output Management Solutions. 

  • AIMS-1000 (External Loop) includes a unique interface-mapping module, which allows it to communicate with almost any existing or planned ADF implementation. 

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