Address Printers & Systems

Professional & Fast addressing For Any Volume

AS-150 Addressing System

Versatile Address, Barcode, and Graphics Printing Solution

The AS-150 is a user-friendly, entry-level printing solution perfect for small to mid-size mailrooms. This multi-purpose equipment can print small, coin-size envelopes but still run standard #9, #10 and 6” x 9” envelopes. 

AS-710 Addressing System

Versatile Address, Barcode and Graphics Printing Solution

The AS-710 features HP® print technology, provides one-touch controls and easy-to-use, Plug'n Play software to minimize set-up time.

AS-930 Addressing System

Versatile Address, Barcode and Graphics Printing Solution

The AS-930 ensures maximum speed, accuracy and flexibility featuring fixed-head technology capable of printing at nearly constant speed regardless of content.

AS-940 Addressing System

Give Your Mailings a Productivity Boost

The AS-940 provides the qualities of a production printer with the price tag of an entry-level printer- just right for growing businesses.

MACH 5 Digital Color Printer

Perfect Mix of Speed and Color for Direct Marketing Campaigns

The MACH 5 printer leverages Memjet® technology to dramatically improve direct mail and transpromotional marketing at an extremely low total cost of ownership. 

HD-CX Series Digital Color Printers

Multi-Media Power with Breathtaking 5-Color Production

Versatile, easy-to-use, graphics-oriented print devices, designed and priced for in-house applications, and built on a true multimedia production platform. The HD-CX Series provides print speeds up to 50 ppm and true 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution.

AS-980 Addressing System

Create Professional Mailings

The AS-980 is a full-featured, high-volume, large-capacity addressing solution that accepts all challenges and delivers outstanding results and is ideal for production-level environments.

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