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DS-64i Folder Inserter

Cutting Edge Automation for an Optimized Mailroom 

Getting communications to customers accurately and on time without wasting valuable employee hours can seem like an impossible task.

Secure and prepare mail in just one step with the DS-64i. With features like multi-page processing and automatic feeding, the DS-64i eliminates errors from manual processing and takes productivity and cost savings to the next level.

Mail prep doesnt have to be time-consuming or complicated
1. Load

With Flexfeed technology you can process inserts, BREs, statements, and invoices. 

2. Press Start

Settings automatically adjust based on what you load, so simply press the start button! 

3. Relax

Rest easy! You know your important communications are being securely and efficiently processed. 

Yes, I Want to Learn More About the DS-64i
Next gen features that take folder inserters to the next level...
  • Secure documents with powered scanning and sorting using Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

  • Collate documents with advanced OMR, 1D and 2D barcode reading...standard!

  • Increase productivity with on-the-fly reloading and continuous document processing

  • Save time with automatic job set up with the state-or-the-art color touchscreen

Q: What does the "i" stand for?

A: The "i" stands for Intelligent! When paired with software, the DS-64i prints barcodes on your documents that are used to collate and sort them into the right envelopes. 

Q: Can I apply postage too? 

A: Yes! You can connect to your postage meter and create an all-in-one mailroom solution for your business. 

The DS-64i Folder Inserter At-A-Glance
Pre-Programmed Settings

Simply load your documents and the DS-64i will automatically adjust settings for you.

High Volume Feeder

Accommodate up to 500 envelopes in the vertical stacker and up to 325 documents for large runs.

High Processing Speed

With Flexfeed technology you can process inserts, BREs, statements, and invoices. 

Automatic Collating

No more sorting! Automatically collate muiltiple documents and crisply fold up to 5 pages with our MaxiFeeder. 

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