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Folder Inserters

Professional Mail Processing

DS-1200 G4I LOGO.jpg

Best-in-Class, Small Business Folder Inserter 

If your business sends between 400 and 5,000 letters a month, the DS-40i will be your new favorite office tool. It is easy to use, versatile for many document types, and has cutting edge features equipped to handle up to 100 pages at a time. 

User friendly mail assembly

The DS-64i combines ease-of-use with speed and versatility. It has a 7″ color touch screen with wizard-based guidance that makes operation simple, even for novice users. Simply load documents and envelopes and press start. It will automatically measure materials and do it’s own set up!

Intelligent, easy document processing

Are you working in an environment where mail matters and response time is key? Quadient’s DS-75i Folder/Inserter system is the ideal productivity tool for any office or mailroom environment thanks to its unique low noise level and
compact footprint.

Your Mail Center Assistant

With the need to identify more efficient and productive ways to conduct business, companies are always looking for ways to adapt to their changing business requirements while saving time and money. Ideally suited for businesses that want flexibility, Quadient’s DS-85i folder/inserter is designed to adapt and grow to meet the expanding needs of your mail center.

Your mailroom specialist

PRODUCTIVE, VERSATILE AND EASY-TO-USE Don’t miss business opportunities. Quadient's DS-95i Folder/Inserter facilitates productivity, flexibility and ease-of-use for a wide variety of applications. Opportunities are unlimited, as it processes your common business applications as well as unique document from full sheets to short inserts at speeds up to 4,300 documents per hour.

For a wide range of inserts

The DS-200i redefines flexibility and productivity in finished document production. Easy to use, the automatic system set up guarantees fast and easy job changeover for flats, booklets and everything in between. Fully customizable, the system can meet workflow requirements for the widest range of mailing applications.

Versatile Mail Production

The DS-600i folding inserting system establishes a new level of flexibility, scalability, productivity and power to your mailroom. The system virtually eliminates the need for window envelopes, which ensures a higher level of security and confidentiality. Automated processes ensure mail piece integrity, eliminate duplicate inserts and provide closed-loop verification.

Sophisticated mail processing

The DS1200 G4i is one of the most flexible, efficient and easy-to-use mail inserting system on the market today.  Capable of inserting up to 72 pages into flat size envelopes at speeds up to 12,000 per hour, the DS1200 G4i is a workhorse.

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