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Impress Automate

Optimize and streamline critical business processes for your small to medium business by automating outbound document workflows and replacing inefficient manual processes.
Reduce manual processing.png
Reduce manual processing
Improve employee productivity.png
Improve employee productivity
Mitigate the risk of human error.png
Mitigate the risk of human error
Save time and money.png
Save time and money
Intelligent document output management

Automate manual processes related to the creation, distribution, and output of invoices, statements, notices, and letters. Impress Automate centralizes outbound document preparation and distribution, giving you complete control over your customer communication process. Establish business processing rules through an intuitive, browser-based interface to accelerate and streamline workflows from anywhere, leading to greater efficiency and an overall reduction in manual errors.

See for yourself. Watch the video. 

Spend more time innovating, and less tim
Spend more time innovating, and less time administrating

Many SMB's today are constrained by manual business process workflows.  When it comes to sending customer communications, manual processes mean higher operational costs, lower employee productivity and expose your company to the risks associated with human error. 

Protect your number one asset – your customer

Impress Automate helps SMB's easily produce actionable, personalized and secure communications. Enhance customer experience with engaging, targeted and timely communications sent according to their specifications.  

Protect your number one asset - your cus
Discover a scalable solution for physica
Discover a scalable solution for physical and digital mail

Impress Automate helps you manage both physical and digital mail depending on the combination that makes the most sense for your business and your customers’ preferences. Both system-generated batch and ad hoc desktop communications may be streamlined and fully automated with our easy to implement solution.

Accelerate document processing through automation

Impress Automate secures the mail preparation process through its intelligent barcode technology ensuring the right document goes into the right envelope. Documents intended for the same customer may be sorted and combined to enhance customer experience and reduce total postage spend. 

Accelerate document processing through a

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