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NEW! iX-5 Series

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Business accelerated with a powerful, intuitive mailing system.

Introducing Quadient’s newest mail machine for mid-level mailers and growing businesses. The iX-5 Series offers customizable options to meet the needs of your business, now and into the future. Built to make mailing a breeze for busy businesses, the iX-5 features an easy-to-use, intuitive control panel with next-generation functionality that offers big benefits for businesses with large batch mailings or daily mail and shipping volumes that are increasing.

  • Postage meter users save 9% on First-Class postage.

  • Access discounts on Priority Mail® and Priority Mail Express® when paired with Neoship. 

  • Print postage and seal envelopes in record time—between 75 - 110 letters per minute.

  • Prepare and send batches of mail in no time, without ever having to go to the Post Office.


Pair the iX-5 with Neoship and you'll save up to 40% on Priority Mail® and Priority Mail Express® when shipping parcels of all types and sizes. Or use the rate shopping feature to compare the three major carriers rates and delivery times. Getting that package out at the best price has never been easier. 

No More Scrutinizing Your Postage Meter Bill

Businesses shouldn't have time to waste scrutinizing their monthly postage meter bill. That's why Quadient doesn't hit you with hidden fees or charges when you refill your postage meter.

  • No hidden fees for postage refills

  • Rate change protection is included so you aren't charged with fees

  • Get postage credit in advance with no extra charge

Yes, I Want to Hear More About the iX-5
Mailing Innovation Driven by Experience
Simplify With Setups and Shortcuts 

An intuitive control panel with color screen puts even the occasional user in control. The Rate Wizard simplifies the process of selecting the correct mail class and postal rate and shortcut keys save time by providing instant job setup.

Process Mail In Record Time!

Get significant time back in your day with the ability to use differential weighing. Simply stack a pile of envelopes of various weights on the scale. Take one envelope off the scale at a time and run it through the meter, and the iX5 will calculate the exact postage and apply it!

Never Run Out of Ink

Keeping your mail moving couldn’t be easier with Low Ink Email Alerts from the iX5. In addition to email alerts, you can also sign up for our auto-ink program to eliminate downtime.

Take Your Brand to the Next Level

Print a logo or marketing message on your envelopes and give them a more professional look. Select from a library of hundreds of images or create your own custom message in minutes. 

Experience the iX-5 Series
  • Meets USPS indicia requirements

  • Auto-feeder option

  • Perfect envelope sealing

  • Adaptable weighing platforms

  • Color screen control panel

  • Expandable catch tray

Why Choose the iX-5?

Postage meter users pay less for First-Class Mail®, and get discounts on Priority Mail® when paired with Neoship.


Intuitive, easy-to-use controls with shortcuts that make mailing a breeze!


Tools to help you manage, track, and control mail and shipping costs.

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