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Why Choose OMS-200?

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Simplify document processing with output management software

Make the most out of your folder inserter. OMS-200 adds bar codes to your documents eliminating the need to sort and collate while giving you the ability to personalize each communication with targeted enclosures. Personalize your critical customer communications and ensure each document reaches its intended recipient.   

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Reduce manual processing
oms-200 improve employee
Improve employee productivity
oms-200 improve employee
Enhance customer relationships
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Save time and money
Automate and optimize

OMS-200 allows you to:

  • Merge different documents for the same customer into one envelope to save money on postal costs 

  • Sort mail into different batches for customers who require special handling 

  • Personalize mailers with targeted promotional inserts to increase revenue and improve customer relations. 

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Manage document output from any web browser

Automate the preparation of all your customer communications using an intuitive, user-friendly, interface. OMS-200 is easy to set up and may be accessed simultaneously by everyone in your organization. 

Learn how to add document integrity to your mailing process

This white paper explains what you can do to help ensure your mail process stays compliant by focusing on the importance of document integrity (the secure and productive creation and processing of documents).

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