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Intelligent Parcel Lockers

Safe, Secure, Package Delivery & Pickup – 24/7

When it comes to handling a high volume of parcels in settings such as colleges, universities, large apartment buildings and corporate campuses, manpower and physical storage space can quickly become overwhelmed. Providing a safe, convenient, and easily accessible way for recipients to receive their packages can be problematic.

Packcity intelligent parcel lockers provide a centrally located, safe, secure and convenient solution for receiving and returning packages across Corporate Offices, Multi-Family Living Facilities, and Higher Education Campus'. Recipients are immediately notified that a package has arrived and can pick it up at their convenience – 24/7. Corporate and university campuses can alleviate crowded mailrooms, avoid the risk of losing parcels, and free up valuable man-hours previously spent handling, processing and delivering packages.

Intelligent shipping storage lockers are easy to use. It’s as simple as 1 – 2 – 3:


Packcity combines physical storage with robust software to safely house and track parcels, while providing convenience for recipients. The system has ATM-style construction and durability to withstand potential tampering, and is available for indoor or outdoor locations. Reports provide real-time status, on either individual or all lockers, that is accessible from a web browser. Dashboards provide easy access to summary date.

The Packcity locker system is modular and can be customized and configured to your unique specifications. Lockers can be branded with corporate or university logos for bold impact. Installation and training is simple and easy.


No more waiting for the mail center to open; packages are available for easy retrieval 24/7.


Packcity logs every drop off and pickup: 100% chain of custody with sturdy, steel-construction lockers.

Reduces Labor

Fewer resources are required for parcel management, distribution and pick up. Plus, you’ll have complete tracking visibility.


Add your company’s logo and adjust the size of the lockers based on the space and needs of your business.


  • Convenience – 24/7 access allows packages to be retrieved at a time convenient to the recipient.

  • Security – packages are stored safely until retrieved. Recipients receive an email with a unique PIN code to access their package and sign for it. The recipient is photographed for additional proof of delivery.

  • Reduced storage – large storage spaces are no longer necessary. Slimline lockers can be placed in hallways or other easily accessed areas.

  • Lower Risk – less package movement and handling reduces the possibility of loss or theft.

  • Customization – lockers can be configured to your needs and incorporate your branding.

  • Accountability – every drop-off and pickup is automatically logged electronically providing 100% chain-of-custody tracking.

  • Labor reduction – packages are dropped off centrally rather than distributed to multiple recipients or locations. Labor resources can be reallocated to more important tasks.

  • Reduced handling – eliminates need for multiple deliveries and re-deliveries. Signatures are captured upon pickup and logged into the system for tracking purposes.

  • Flexibility – recipients are automatically notified by either email or text that their package is ready for pickup.

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