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Shipping & Tracking

Small Parcel Office Solutions

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Correct addresses, track packages, manage costs and explore delivery options. With EMS, you have it all. EMS has the most extensive set of analytical tools and reports in the market to help you save money, eliminate waste, and maximize ....

Shipping directly from your desktop has never been easier. Simply access Neoship through your Myquadient account, follow the illustrated prompts and create a shipping label.

Monitor, track and control postage expenses with NeoStats. This powerful reporting tool offers the data you need to reconcile postage expenses down to the penny.

Enterprise Small parcel Solutions

Enterprise Shipping System - ESS

Empower your employees to easily determine which parcel shipping carrier can deliver a package on time for the lowest price.

Inbound Parcel Tracking

Web Tracking System - WTS

A better way to manage inbound deliveries. Our all-in-one solution is comprised of recording and labeling software, a hand-held device for tracking, and a web-based reporting system, allowing you to track all inbound parcels within your organization in real time, whether it’s in receipt, transit or delivery.

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