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Web Tracking Software - WTS

Track the chain-of-custody of inbound delivery items from anywhere, at any time. 

Quadient's Web Tracking System (WTS) is a turnkey internal tracking solution that provides end-to-end visibility and reliability into your internal delivery process. WTS automates complex tracking processes while assuring the security of all your sensitive data.

WTS is an all-in-one cloud-based solution that enables your business to track and monitor the internal movements as well as the complete chain-of-custody of every piece of accountable items received. Designed for businesses of all sizes, WTS automates your internal delivery process – increasing reliability, accelerating productivity and decreasing costs.  
WTS allows you to record incoming items and track them in online and offline modes via a mobile device or desktop computer. Evaluate and analyze your organization’s internal delivery process in real-time, regardless of what stage the assets are in – receipt, transit, or delivery.  Thanks to WTS, you will benefit from an automated and smart tool - creating a more systematic and transparent delivery process.

Increases reliability

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In order to be able to respond quickly to inquiries from team members, a complete view of your internal delivery process is needed. With WTS, you can instantly locate an item as well as trace its movement history. Utilizing the WTS Solution, your employees will enjoy easier delivery management and full visibility into the process for higher employee productivity and satisfaction.

Gain physical space and save processing time

WTS allows to both classify and to plan ahead on your internal deliveries – reducing any unnecessary repeated journeys during the day. In addition, planning deliveries ahead helps you to more effectively use your mailroom space. With WTS, you will have the necessary tools to take control of your internal delivery process - reacting skillfully to any internal delivery situations.

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Gain physical space and save processing time

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Available as a cloud-based software solution, WTS can be easily tailored to fit your organization’s workflows and business needs. Whether you are a mature organization requiring multiple sites or a start-up, WTS’ rich list of features can be easily adapted to match your different tracking flows.

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